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Using Video for Business

Using Video for Business

Media sites are becoming the go to tool for marketing, strategically used video is invaluable to your business.  Think about it for a second, if you haven’t watched a YouTube video in the past decade you’ve probably been living under a rock.  In fact YouTube is the third largest used search engine in the world so it is more than just a video hosting site.  YouTube maybe the largest but it is far from the only video site out there, there is also Vine and Vimeo.

Here are some ways to take advantage of video marketing and make it work for your business.

1. Modern and Tech Savvy

Video marketing shows potential customer that you pretty tech savvy and you embrace technology. Many business owners are under the impression that creating video is still difficult and expensive to do. You can take video marketing and use it to show your existing customer as well as new customers that you can adapt to new technologies and customer expectations. People respond positively and a positive response means more business for you. If nothing else it will attract some attention to your business and that’s not a bad thing.

2. Educate Your Customers

Video is the easiest way to show potential customers what exactly you offer in terms of goods and services. If you sell software for example you can use video to illustrate the highlights of the features it offers. Video tutorials are immensely popular in showing people how your products work and how easy it is to use, it creates positive feedback when you make it easy to understand what you offer. There is nothing worse than for a customer to feel frustrated when using your products, this means no more future sales and they won’t encourage others to use it either.

3. Creative Marketing

Creating a video is essentially making a commercial for your business, without having the worry of keeping it to only 60 seconds or the cost of a full video production crew. You have the chance to be as creative as you want, you can be ingenious or funny. If you have ever had aspirations of producing a commercial this is your chance to shine. You can showcase the talents of your employees even if it is only their ability to balance a spoon on their nose. Making a video that is interactive and funny allows your personality to shine through. A good well put together funny video also stands a chance of going viral and that is invaluable.  Here is an example of how this can work for you, bear in mind the subject matter is terrible but the video racked up a ton of hits and even became it’s own meme.

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Make Vine Work for Your Business

Make Vine Work for Your Business

If you’re unfamiliar with Vine, it’s another social network put together by the creators of Twitter.  Like Twitter is a micro blogging site, Vine is sort of a micro video app.  The videos you can share on Vine are a maximum of 6 seconds in length.  You’re probably wondering what the heck you can do in 6 seconds, but despite the limitations Vine has become enormously popular.

Vine sees a ton of traffic and the influencers who enjoy success on Vine either accept the challenge of how creative one can get in under 6 seconds or they have high energy spontaneous video creations.  If you want to enjoy some success on Vine then you need to be fairly adept at both. So how can you adapt Vine to your business and make it work for you.

Here’s how to make Vine work for your business:

Create Short How-To Videos

You don’t have to create a 2 or 3 minute video to show people how to do something.  Think of the easiest thing to do in your business and create the corresponding how to video.  If you need some inspiration check out the Vines from Lowes.  They have a “Fix in Six” video series that shows quick and dirty household tips that anyone can do.  The series has become hugely successful for them, and every time someone tweets or shares the Vine it’s a mention for Lowes.


Go Behind the Scenes

Give your insight some short insights into the behind the scenes of your business.  Show them how things work around your office and what your team is doing.  It personalizes the whole experience for them and you are not just another faceless organization just after their business.  Let them know you are real people who have good days and bad and what the atmosphere is like in your offices.

Talk to Your Clients

You can use Vine to personally address your clients one to one, take the time to congratulate them on successes.  You can deal with complaints personally and keep them in the loop on new things you are doing, what’s happening in the market and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Say Thank You

You have a unique opportunity to thank loyal customers publicly.  Give a quick heartfelt thank you!

Vine is unique in the marketplace, if you use it correctly it can do tremendous things for your business and get you noticed.  Watch what the Viners with huge followings are doing to attract such attention and use it for inspiration.  You can make Vine work for you.

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